PERFECT FLUKE developed by Jim Porter; BEST Fluke Jerkbait in the World!!
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Jim Porter’s
Patent Pending – Copyright 2007

ABSOLUTELY, the BEST Fluke Jerkbait in the World!!
We strive to provide the perfect lure in every style and application.
That’s the
‘PERFECT’ family of lures!!

Yep, we have designed and added another super lure to our ‘PERFECT’ lure family. If you like to finesse those fish out of a grass bed, or from around cover, the ‘PERFECT FLUKE’ is for you!!

Soft fluke jerkbaits have had a major impact on our ability to predictably catch bass (as well as many other species of game fish). They provide anglers with a near-perfect imitation of a baitfish, both in looks and in action. With a little practice, the angler can impart an active, darting feeding or fleeing action, or just replicate an injured or dying baitfish. We have not found any species of fish that does not go after this lure with pure abandon. They are a must-have lure in every tackle selection!

For detailed background data on the advent of the soft fluke lure, as well as some tricks and tips on special rigging and presentation methods, CLICK HERE.

The soft fluke jerkbait is so simple to use. With a little prior coaching, we have NEVER had a guide party Client that was unable to catch bass with it.

The three problems most anglers experience with the fluke lure are: 1) Finding one that is capable of the proper action; 2) Control, or feel/contact with the lure; and, 3) Making a successful hook set. With the introduction of our ‘
PERFECT FLUKE’, we help solve these issues.

Forever in search of that Holy Grail of fishing, the fabled ‘Magic Lure’, we identified all the desirable attributes of the soft fluke jerkbait and then went to manufacture as close to the ‘
PERFECT’ fluke lure as possible. We also wanted our fluke to be economical, both in use and in price.

The result is our new ‘PERFECT FLUKE’.

We incorporated features we think make the ‘PERFECT FLUKE’ the best of its type and more productive for the angler:
  • An optimum length of 4.5-inches, the average size of 20 samples of baitfish regurgitated by bass in our livewell. (It seemed like a reasonable way to size the lure.)
  • A nearly exact body silhouette of the gizzard and threadfin shads, and the blue-back herring baitfish.
  • A forked tail that duplicates Mother Nature.
  • 50% (+) salt content to increase the body density, thus improving the sink rate with ‘superlines’, and providing better ‘feel and control’. A possible side benefit may be that the added salt assures the fish holds onto the lure longer. You’ll have to ask the fish about that to really know!
  • A broad, slightly cupped back to act as a glide surface, bringing the lure back towards the surface more easily. Also supports variable hooking techniques (see later, below).
  • A unique shallow hook slot to shield, but not impede, the hook point.
  • Computer designed, the hook slot ‘hump’ holds the hook point high to prevent slippage, plus it supports the realistic body profile.
  • Balanced body toughness trade-offs for maximum durability. No more ‘one lure per fish’.
  • A very specific, proven color selection to catch fish, not fishermen. We produce only the natural colors of the gizzard and threadfin shads, and of the blue-back herring in waters from mid-Georgia, north. Metal flake additive is used in the darker colors to reflect light and enhance the natural visual acquisition by the fish.
The ‘PERFECT FLUKE’ is not a magic lure, by any means. There never will be one of those. But, it is the most carefully designed soft plastic fluke lure available. All it really takes on the part of the angler is to follow the user directions and pay close attention to detecting the strike. It only takes a couple of strikes for even the inexperienced angler to grasp the ‘feel’ and virtually never miss one again.

In addition to the above, we also negotiated a production contract that makes the
‘PERFECT FLUKE’ very cost-effective.. And, the ‘PERFECT FLUKE’ is also available in bulk quantities for bass clubs, tournaments, etc., with even MORE savings. Due to the high salt content ( translated as ‘weight’) of the ‘PERFECT FLUKE’, shipping costs add to the total purchase price. So large orders provide substantial savings in shipping costs, which can be passed along to the buyer. Just contact us directly on all orders over 100 each.


The best lure of its type available anywhere.

Top quality, with no compromises.
And, at a better price.

It doesn’t get any better than that!!

The ‘PERFECT FLUKE’ is now available in the following colors; all are the optimum 4.5-inches size:


Use the built-in hook slot. Or, for possibly even better hook-up odds, use the variable hooking geometry offered by the broad, flared lure back. Simply ‘skin hook’ the hook point (i.e., just under the ‘skin’ of the lure) in the flared edge of the lure’s back (see the photo). This provides minimum resistance to freeing the hook.

If you prefer the hook slot, Jim has found a little ‘fisherman’s trick’ that holds the hook firmly, but allows it to move freely up and out for the hook set. Simply cut a slot through the lure body from the curve of the hook to ˝ inch forward of the curve. This allows the hook freedom of movement up and out of the hook slot and lets you set the hook and pull that hook forward. Experiment; it works great with the
‘PERFECT FLUKE’, and other similar soft plastics!


25 $6.25 $3.50 $9.75 $0.38 $10.13
50 $11.95 $5.50 $17.45 $0.72 $18.17
75 $17.50 $5.95 $23.45 $1.05 $24.50
100 $22.90 $6.75 $29.65 $1.38 $31.03
(Larger quantities quoted upon request)

* FL residents are subject to 6% State Sales Tax, as computed above.


We can now take your credit card over the phone, or by direct email. Just call us at 321-427-8295 and give us your order and card data, or email it to jporter@stickmarsh.com.


    CLICK HERE to order with PAYPAL.



    Jim Porter
    712 Hunan St NE
    Palm Bay, FL 32907

    Questions: 321-427-8295, or email to jporter@stickmarsh.com.

    Indicate the quantity, color preferences and your shipping address with your order.

    As usual, Jim fully guarantees this product to be exactly as stated. There is a no-questions-asked, money-back guarantee (less shipping) on any returned, unused lures!


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